Written and performed by EWAN POLLITT

Pants on Fire, Tristan Bates Theatre (2020)

"I love the routine of it; first it's the underwear, big green unisex briefs that I have to give back at the end of the day. Then it’s the protective suit, followed by gloves and boots, you seal up all the seams with duct tape and finally… the mask.

I’m completely sealed up. You're incognito at work, just another white suit and gasmask going about business… It’s a great job if you don’t feel like talking to people."

In this shattering new play by Ewan Pollitt, Jim navigates life at a nuclear reactor, the invisibility of mental health, and the difficulty connecting with a world from which he seals off every day. 

SHORTS Festival is a unique celebration of solo-storytelling featuring 12 brand new international pieces performed across 4 days. This exciting collaboration between multi-award winning company Pants on Fire and a rich mix of writers and performers, brings together an explosive line-up of six stories every night, each told by one performer. An endlessly inventive celebration of storytelling, stripping theatre to its heart.

Directed by Jasper Frost

23rd-26th January

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