Poster designed by Stefan Hanegraaf, Patrick Swain and Jasper Frost. Caged Bird Theatre logo by Harry Neal.


James Murphy & Ben Mallett




Caged Bird Theatre, UK Tour (2018)

"How would you feel about restoring some faith?"

Jude, a therapist, meets her girlfriend's reclusive flatmate. He spends his time inside drinking Capri Suns. He also claims to be God. But when one of Jude’s patients comes to her having had visions of a strange man in his flat, she finds herself caught up in the birth of John’s new religion.

What lies beyond death? What lay before life? Neon is a bold new play that explores loneliness, death and transcendence, and the potential to find faith in the unlikeliest of spaces.

Neon was first performed at Roborough Studios in Exeter on 4 June 2018, before moving to StuFF Festival at Nottingham New Theatre on 17 June 2018, and finishing a sell-out run at the Camden Fringe, London, on 8 August 2018. The cast was as follows:

Jude  Olivia Denton

Thomas  Ben Mallett

Matthew  Stuart Duncan

John Doe  James Murphy

Sarah  Siobhan McAuley

Freya  Molly Barber

For the 2018 Camden Fringe, Samuel James took over from Stuart Duncan and Patrick Swain took over from Ben Mallett.

Director Jasper Frost

Playwright Patrick Swain

Producer Jonathan Taylor

Assistant Producer Bridie Shine

Sound/Lighting Designer Seb Clarkson

Tech Operator David Taylor

Poster Photographer Stefan Hanegraaf

Ben Mallett


Olivia Denton & James Murphy


The London production of Neon was a sell-out Camden Fringe show, and won The Stagedoor Audience Favourite Award. 

Neon was chosen as one of TimeOut’s 'Ten Shows You Have To See at the Camden Fringe 2018’. 

It was also selected by Londonist as one of 'The Top Ten Things to See At This Year's Camden Fringe', after being in the Top 5 Most Anticipated Camden Fringe Shows on Stagedoor.

It was recommended by British Theatre Guide as a Top Pick at the Camden Fringe.


"The ambition is palpable . . . [Neon] deals with fantastical themes whilst being grounded in a referential reality" - Exeposé ★★★★½ 

"Caged Bird Theatre aren't afraid to think big. A gripping, humorous and thought-provoking tale." - Views From The Gods ★★★★

"Strong, snappy, funny and varied, both in its darker and lighter scenes . . . all well directed by Jasper Frost" - Broadway Baby

"A tight, funny, tragic, often devastating piece" - Lesley-Ann Jones


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Siobhan McAuley & James Murphy


Olivia Denton, Jasper Frost & James Murphy


Molly Barber


Olivia Denton & Siobhan McAuley


James Murphy

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