Coronavirus Theatre Club, Twitter Livestream (2020)

"You know what I want to do? I want to go back in time and find 6 year old keen-o me and be like 'Reilly love, let me let you in on a little secret. Chill the fuck out. Be shit. That way when you get to 16 they'll think you're a proper thicko and leave you the fuck alone.'"

Reilly is 15 and stuck in sessions "targeted at young people with promise who come from families of low academic aspiration". Or 'thick as shit' parents, as she calls them. Stuck in school, counting down the hours til her free school meal, she confides in the audience what it means to be taught by privileged teachers in the West end of Newcastle. 

This monologue was adapted from a full length play for the Coronavirus Theatre Club. It was rehearsed and performed in isolation through Zoom, in order to keep theatre alive during the lockdown of the United Kingdom beginning 23/03/2020. 

REILLY - Brogan Gilbert 

Directed by Jasper Frost

Livestreamed on Twitter on 29th March 2020.

FUGE was viewed by over 1,500 people.


"Bloody brilliant and a fabulous performance." - @CaronMKehoe

"Loved this. Incredibly powerful." - @Acting_Steve

"Powerful stuff." - @Scialuppa

"Brilliant" - @RuthForster

"Fantastic." - @jazadal


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