From left: Jasper Frost (director), Tobias Grace (cast), Rogerio Correa (playwright), Will Jarvis (cast)




Dispatches, OSO Arts Centre (2018)

"I know I could have done better. But time does not turn back on itself."

Two white writers. A thought-provoking play about the persecution of Russian homosexuals that they are struggling to create. A story they weren't ready to tell. 

Based on the true and timely story of Chechen Muslim fathers being ordered by the state to kill their gay children, For Love is an uncompromising play about ignorance, regret, and the human need for acceptance. 

CAST: Tobias Grace, Will Jarvis

Directed by Jasper Frost

'The highlight of the first half, and among the best of the evening. . . For Love uses comedy deftly to reinforce the drama' - Matthew Grierson, The Mark Aspen Review


AUDIENCE FEEDBACK (submitted anonymously):

"Great concept of the play within the play . . . artfully done"

"Poignant yet humourous"

"Wonderful use of humour and the meta level worked well to get over a difficult story. Such a strong concept!"

"Effective in showing the powerlessness of westerners distant from the situation and their inability to fully empathise/understand"

"Superb - perfect juxtaposition of humour that made the drama all the more powerful"

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